The Change, Death and the Lich

Or in other words,
we had a recent change (not extremly unexpected) in our roleplaying group. Thomas took the seat of a player for once again and Roman traded his for the DungeonMaster’s. Now this is a great thing, since Roman already has thrown a lot of motivation into it just by the action itself. Furthermore (as a meanwhile quite experienced dungeon master) I can only say, I love the aspect other Dungeon Masters bring into the game, especially new ones. For one thing I think it’s the best way to get a grip on rules regarding combat and for a player it’s the sheer aspect of what you usually tend to critisize and now have to endure yourself ;-). No actually I think it’s just a very pleasant experience – a common (pre-)judice Roman excels at all things dwarven, he has a strong favor for the stout people and for me this has already taken shape in the adventure-line. (Maybe by pure coincidence though…)

Well, last time we’ve been travelling by ship from Baldur’s Gate to an island in the far west. On our way we were attacked by an overwhelming force of undead on board of a ghost-ship. Continue reading The Change, Death and the Lich

Cat-TV and balm for the soul

Oh dear, I’ve been far too busy lately – and broke with my newly found intentions to write more often. Nevertheless the little spare-time that was left between working hours and business trips were spent quite creative… But have a look yourself:

It was rather tempting to give the three cats (Einstein (2), Jakob (3) and Jeanny (4)) a very special gift – a cat-tv which happens to be a little balm for human soul, too. At least it should be – when it’s finally up and working.


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