epic preparation – p2 – Character Generation

Epic Character Generation

So we’ve started to prepare our toolset for the adventure or campaign in part one. Now comes the part most of us will definitely enjoy and the part that will have the strongest influence on the adventure itself – the characters.

Just a short reminder , if you’ve never before been a dungeon master in an epic adventure, the characters can travel large distances through lands as well as planes with little efford. Their ambitions will be the most important part of the adventure and you will have the doubtless hard part of knowing all of these. How to influence the story and lead them into danger or give them hints will be another part. Let’s focus on the character creation for now.

This will be the hardest part of your preparation because you will have to know a lot more than you’re used to. You will have to absorb every bit of the background stories and remember all the magic, and special powers your players have access to. Furthermore you should not try to limit them by giving them only very limited access to magic items, it will feel very strange to them and it will most probably unbalance the game in favor of the mages, clerics and psions. Furthermore if you have a plan on where you want to send them, this is again one of your key concerns – know your characters but let’s go into the details now:

Attitude and Alignment

More important than ever it is that you know the motivation and motivators of the characters. In general as a guideline: Whatever made you uncomfortable at lower levels, when a character walked a different way or didn’t feel he had to do something you were trying to make appealing to him will cause you troubles when you try that at higher levels. Characters will not be pushed around easily at this level and therefore everything needs more preparation. Continue reading epic preparation – p2 – Character Generation