Top 25 RPG Vote @ rpg blog ii

Share your favorites – Top25 vote

A nice idea has Zachary over at RPGBlog II – he’s collecting votes for the top 25 rankings of blogger’s favorites.

I’ll post you my personal ranking. It’s not including every rpg I’ve played or read, but lists those I liked in front and those I didn’t at the end of the list ;).

1. Pathfinder RPG
2. Shadowrun 3rd Edition
3. AD&D 2nd Edition
4. Palladium Fantasy
5. Werewolf the Apocalypse
6. Cyberpunk
7. Gurps
9. Elric
10.Mage the Ascension
12.Vampire the Dark Ages
13.DSA 2nd Edition
14.Ars Magica
15.PP&P (Pluesch, Power & Plunder)
16.Star Wars d6
17.Mage the Sorcerers Crusade
18.Call of Cthulu
19.Vampire the Masquerade
21.DSA 4th Edition
23.Changeling the Dreaming
24.Wraith the Oblivion
25.D&D 4th Edition

Start sharing folks ;).

Causa WotC – Paizo and White Wolf Reactions

Happily I had a nice newsletter this morning in my inbox, the Paizo one (once again), this time with a lot better news, Paizo is offering a limited time (very) special prices on their pdf’s.

On the other side White Wolf have a similiar offer, they offer their Exalted Second Edition PDF free of charge (until 12th of April) and a one time 10% discount on their pdf’s withthe magic  “wwlovesyou” word. Honestly I like this approach. The exact announcement can be found here.

Looks like half the rpg-blogoverse is already spreading this, therefore I guess it won’t harm if I point you there, as well. If you’re into pdf’s (I definitely am) – pick it now. Might be one of the best chances to have a good look at new material in many ways. Finally WotC’s decisions do have a very positive impact on the gaming industry in terms of showing they are different.

Update 2009-04-08

Short Update on Blogs

Help needed

That said, you might want to check out A Butterfly Dreaming and share your opinion on his postings and blog. I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with his advice sections and might enjoy the contest he has started for…

Blizzards, Thunderstorms and long, dry nights

If you’re running games, you should be a regular at – if you ever wondered how helpful weather might be in your games, check out their latest advice.

For the indecisive

In case you’re still searching for a reason why you should play rpg’s – check out madbrewlabs. It’s good for a smile and stating truth on a hobby you probably do like.

The evil guys..

And one of my preferred topics is currently dealt with at the Core Mechanic – Villains.

You’ll find a lot of blogs going wild on the latest WotC news – pdf’s cancelled – and the german blogs with the following story:

WotC the story goes on…

No enough to cancel the pdf products, WotC obviously has started a campaign against players worldwide. WotC has according to dndgate (a german website) given only a 2-sentence e-mail cancelling an arrangement agreed upon in the past – and left the publisher Feder & Schwert out in the cold rain. I’ve hardly anything I want to add on this, nothing to add that is not a rant. Read for yourself in case you’re interested. I can’t wait to get my pathfinderRPG as soon as it’s released and I wish with all my heart for Paizo that this will become a huge success in the future.