Toyrun 2007

Nice thing when once again (15th anniversary) the Toy Run in Austria takes place, and around 3000 Bikers (2.960 counted) collect around 50.000 € for a good cause.

It works this way… Every year one really good man (known as Ernstl), who is the founder of the Toy Run inititative and a really good organisator, selects together with friends and other interested guys (the so called Yellow Jackets) a nice route to a destination where a orphan’s asylum or children’s village exists. Every biker pays at least 10 Euros, every pillon rider at least 5 € for parttaking – and everyone is encouraged to stuff his bike full with toys, stuffed animals, games and more. They arrange a good meeting place and line-up the bikes to go for the great ride. Every inch and corner of the road is visited quite will by loads of people – I think this is the true miracle that makes it work time and again – imagine a lot of bystanders – applauding, cheering – waving… No matter what they do – they give you a great feeling – being part of something great – a small but very necessary part.

Biker for Kids – Toyrun

So this time our road-trip took us from the SCS (Shopping City South) [of course it was raining in the morning, but it was great biking weather in the end] via a bit of Highway to Loosdorf from there a nice tour via St. Leonhard, Scheibbs, Gresten, Ybbsitz to Waidhofen an der Ybbs (Lower Austria).
There we were welcomed by lots of kids. It was incredible… The following scenery is as much a show of unity and strong company as it is love for children. Thousands of biker enjoy a good meal together and listen to the stories of the last toy-runs – what happened with the thousands of euros that were collected for the kids. It’s a warm and hearty welcome and an invitation for everyone to take part on the tour back.

(I’ve to admit, we never do that tour-back thingy… It’s great to spend some time there, it’s even better to have this tour once in a year… But the trip back I’ve selected a bit of a different route and we were enjoying the ride as small group…)

This year we travelled back via Ybbs, Melk and Krems along the danube and finally arrived along the Wagram.

Finally I have to say – I’m once again “Looking forward” – to the 15th of June, 2008. This is the date of the next toyrun.

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  1. well yea here it’s oke lems! 😀 thnx! Did i told you i got a job as webdesigner? They called me! I didnt even needed to do something for it! 😀 And it all goes so well that i got several new tasks to do aswell there! (I had to make the letters and design for on a car, had to do a folder (commercial book thingie, dunno the exact english name for it) and more! 😀 so the whole day design, design and more design) and they like me, i like them, so thats good! 😀

    so how are you doing lately? 😀

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