Cat-TV and balm for the soul

Oh dear, I’ve been far too busy lately – and broke with my newly found intentions to write more often. Nevertheless the little spare-time that was left between working hours and business trips were spent quite creative… But have a look yourself:

It was rather tempting to give the three cats (Einstein (2), Jakob (3) and Jeanny (4)) a very special gift – a cat-tv which happens to be a little balm for human soul, too. At least it should be – when it’s finally up and working.


There were several steps to achieve the resulting:”cat-tv”.

First of all it was the real hard work. Fertilizer on the ground and a lot (hours) of gravel-sand washing and washing and cleansing and washing and…

Then we got the Basic Setup up and running.

Plant Setup was quite a lot of hand-work and the cats always kept safe distance to avoid any water – just the chance to get a little wet is always best avoided for them ;-).

And the result was (like you can see above) – in my eyes quite appealing. It will now take at least two weeks but I think after eastern Cat-TV will be on-air and I’m looking forward to find out the favorite channels of Einstein, Jakob and Jeanny!

Final State II

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