My Geekquarium

We got a nice cat-TV over here, you probably have already seen the elder pictures of it – but unluckily for the fishes it tends to be rather hot during the summer months here in Austria. Especially where the aquarium stands – it is not a particularly windy spot and so we measured temperatures rising up to almost 30°C, which is definitely not the best thing for our dear fish-guests inside.

So, what’s the best solution out there to cool an aquarium?
Actually I think there are many solutions, but only one geeky enough to be considered *smile*.

Therefore after a bit more than 1 1/2 hours of work, I present Version 1.0 of our Geekquarium. Feel free to comment, whether you like it or not. I for my part, like the look pretty much ;).


Geekquarium Closer-up

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