Sacred 2 released

Interesting thing, while I’ve had a hard time find an equal after Diablo (one, and only the first episode!) when it comes to action rpg’s, I’ve playtested Sacred 2 in the night from 2nd to 3rd of October, you can fetch a 1.7GB Demo with the Seraphim and I have to say, I enjoyed it pretty much – I mean honestly. I’ve read a review yesterday that mentions the wickedly bad quest-system (questlog) and even worse system for trade in Sacred2. And I have to admit, yes it’s all true (sadly) – but still the game looks very much fun!

So I’ll probably have a more in-depth look into the full version – I’m not 100% convinced yet and I hate copy protections like Securom, for it really doesn’t do any good. I mean – copy protection for single-player isn’t an issue for long these days and never has been. For multi-player you’ve got your (hopefully unique) key and I’m fine with a connection based validation every time – but what do I need (stupid) cd’s every time – honestly? Comfort = 0.

I tend to be a computer gamer, spending too much time in front of my pc during work and at home as well. I have a fable for FPS (shooter) games, like Team Fortress 2, and I love the Steam environment since it’s CD-free. I’ve got the same problem with NWN2 (which always requests a cd), Dawn of War Soulforge (wants a cd as well), Crysis (ok this isn’t my favorite game… still it requests a [stupid]  CD).

But that was too much derived from my original post. If you like action games, Sacred 2 might be interesting for you, give it a try. (or wait for Diablo 3). I’ve stuck with the predecessor and I am looking forward to find out whether the updates of this version might help out with the severe issues they still have.

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