Day #1 what happened

Repost from yesterday night – seems like I was really somewhere far away… I posted this as a page and wondered where it had gone…

Well, as usual, it’s not always what you’ve planned. For once you forget things in the heat of the battle and on the other hand the interactions with your players take a bit more of your attention and focus…

…and I won’t beat about the bush… wasn’t one of the best days I had, but thanks to my players not one of the worst either.

We had a nice coming-together with the dwarves who were fast on track, the elves and human part was a bit more of a disaster from my side (and I apologize for blaming Robert for this, which was certainly my fault²).

On the other hand we had a combat-loaded adventure which was pretty fast paced and given we had seven players I think my performance in coordination was okay. So the dwarves got them out of the tunnel and I felt like skipping the idea of the ice-glider altogether and force them on foot through a several day trip. They’ve faced severe threats of disease and poison already, beaten (not-yet) countless undead and even annihilated an orc scout-group in the area.

Finally they made their way to a plateau and could see the temple of Izrador a several hours trip away.

While this all doesn’t sound that spectacular (I’m really bad with words today 🙁 ) – it was very atmospheric by my players and I’m pretty happy so far. I hope I’ll find some time tomorrow to post my plans again.

Hey I think that’s one of these 95% fulfilled you hardly ever get, but then again, this means the adventure was simply and pretty straight-forward and I hope the many options my players will have in the future will twist and turn my own plans in a way I can not expect – and I end up improvising a lot more than I had to – today.

good night and I’m looking forward to another session tomorrow.

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