Day #2 planned

Dear Diary…

…this episode will focus on the “main objective” of our little group. One of the infamous and incredible dangerous blood mirrors. We will see whether They first find their path from the plateau where they currently stay through hundreds of orcs and some of izradror’s cultists, whether they pick stealth, disguise or combat.

Once there they will find the uttermost challenge and I’m very much looking forward to it – the blood mirror they are facing has a special enchantment. Once they have defeated the (minor) Legate and a handful of warriors with bow and different weapons – they will face chaotic, perverted evil copies of themselves. It will be a very special hint towards one of the characters and I am very thrilled to find others catching up with this hint.

Finally we will probably have the preparation of the trip towards the isles where they will search a seer…

I will refrain from using a lot of “the FELL” here and hope they pick a creative way for these challenges. I’m very much looking forward to the ingame conversations of the players.

Finally I’ll change the standard roleplaying theme we have (for start and ending) from Apocalyptica – Path to Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchestra – Alive but Dead. Something I wanted to be done already but – yesterday was a bad day… *smile*

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