Day #3 planning

You might have noticed, day #2 planning is not readable at the moment. While I put it (scheduled) online yesterday evening – it was nothing I wanted my players to read since I did hide a few “more than mere hints” there. So I’ll put both articles up & online again this afternoon.

Well, yesterday did not work out that well, actually it was one of these “we know it all – ages of planning and almost no actions” from a storyline point. On the other hand, the three groups (elves, dwarves and human pirates) started speaking and talking with each other and shared information they got which was utterly important and at least did a bit to bind the pirates more to their common goal.

So we’re once more in front of one of the largest military hideouts in the Kaladrun mountains with one of the most dangerous reliquies in front of them, a blood mirror of Izrador. They only have this day – tomorrow we’ll have high ranking legates back in their place and a lot more of military power than at the moment. (There is a genuine strike against the dwarves of Calador in another place, consuming most forces here).

So things probably have changed depending on the further course of the player’s actions. I doubt that we’ll reach the “Seer” of the dwarves. Well, then let’s have a suitable adventure end here in the mountains? Well everything in the upcoming game now really depends on the players’s actions. I won’t stick to my old plan and leave everything open for them, I will probably focus on a real showdown inside of the temple. Perhaps they really have to fight their way through the enemy camp. Their chances are actually not that bad to survive in there, no high ranking soldier legates, no high ranking priests of Izrador or other officials are present today.

So, as you can clearly see, planning is merely a facette of the work that was put into this in the beginning. I’ll try to put a posting online afterwards with an adventure outline. Perhaps you feel like using this one day. (Just keep your players from planning too much)

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