Decisions to be made – Decision I have made.

Currently I’m once again at the point where I have to make a decision. Well that sounds quite heavy but it is not taking deep impacts on my life. It’s more about – will I continue the blog in german? To what use is writing a blog in german, when several of my friends don’t speak this language and what use is it, when my own thoughts are more likely to be english in the first place – at least with some it goes like this.

So I think I will continue this blog, but in english language, after all it’s a language most of you should know – maybe if there are some things in my mind, which I can only express in german that might happen again – meanwhile I will edit a few things here – and hope to find a few readers for the various ideas, thoughts and reviews I post here.
I hope you enjoy this decision.

One thought on “Decisions to be made – Decision I have made.

  1. Nice! Even better to read! 😀 I was really suprised when watching your blog this morning! :O Think of writing my blog in english aswell, but yea, we will see 😛 Btw, blog is fixed! I forgot the and that made the mistake! :O

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