Well I tend to update my blogroll (you can hardly miss it – it’s right next to this text) silently. But I have to admit doing so probably does not give the credit many blogs deserve. And I came to realize that today when I read through a few rpg blogs… Featuring other blogs tends to be the way to show what you like and a key feature one should utilize, whether he’s a regular blogger or just a irregular one as I am.

So I picked three blogs I discovered lately and though a short description and my sincere recommendation to give them a few moments of your time, if you’re (as I am) looking for interesting reads.

Cogito, ergo ludo – I think the title itself explains itself – I play therefore I am (well I never had any latin classes but I think this is right…). This is Tommy’s blog and while being a mathematic student, with maths probably the applied science I least liked (I am a chemist myself – but mathematics is probably the dryest topic of all applied sciences to me), he looks after a very nice blog – focussing on roleplaying games with a bit of philosophy thrown into the topic itself. To be honest I admire his game-mastering section most. While the blog is always good for a minute of spare time, the game mastering section is the one that’s simply worth reading most. But enough ranting – have a look for yourself!

The Blog of Chorenn
Chorenn is not a person, it’s a unique world created by a gamemaster with a vivid idea of campaigns. She’s really brilliant when it comes to an frank style – once again the main topic her own campaign and ideas with regular questions and discussions. I’ve started reading this and I think it’s at the moment my personal favorite of all the rpg blogs out there, not just for the topics themselves which tend to be very interesting, but for the way they are put there. Again my topic of choice there is this discussion on a severe problem most of us have to face especially with players that are far away from knowing the rules or their characters. Have a look and enjoy reading.

Gamemaster Foundation
Last but not least, this is probably one of those must reads for dungeon-masters. With the lead article “Help I’m burned out” catching my eye (and I have to admit I did not like this one – because it was more a statement than advice to me). But still it caught me and I screened through the various articles to get an opinion on the quality of the blog and its usefulness to me. When I read this article – it finally turned – very useful. This is not even “their own created” content but it shows the applicability of the blog to me for it gathers knowledge from a network (called internet) and there is a lot of useful advice there, there is a lot of stuff that get’s your attention, several articles are very inspiring and others are just good reads. Give it a try, this is worth it, too.

So finally I get a bit more into understanding the blogger scene here and I hope you have a good read, meaningless from where you come and wherever you’re heading.

3 thoughts on “Featuring…

  1. Greetings and thanks for the mention. For the record, the blog title means “I think, therefore I play.”

    I like the Chorenn-blog very much, personally. The blogger is smart , knows what he (or she) is doing and focuses attention on the important parts.

  2. Oh many thanks for the title correction. As I said before – my knowledge of latin is – not existent. Maybe I can change that a bit ;-).

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