Happy New Year 2009

Another year is over and a lot of things are going on over here.

2008 was a great year in several things – for example roleplaying, it was the time for a great special in the Midnight campaign, it was a particularly interesting Shadowrun year for me and I found at least a bit time to read a few novels. I’ve finished Shadowstorm by Paul S. Kemp which I liked, very – very much in the end of the year and we’ve started the newest campaign with Roman starting as dungeon master…
At work I’ve positively completed my long-term project – the quality certification of our company in a very positive way and that left my end of the year a bit clueless for future plans.

2009 means I’m meanwhile 17 years active roleplayer, hell I start feeling a bit old when I think about it. It means furthermore I’ll have my 5th year at the company I currently work for and my 3rd year in the relationship I am in. Our cats will be 5, 4 and 3 years of age somewhen mid of this year and in the very end of 2009 I will face my 30th birthday, which I should prepare for – probably. It means once again while I do read pretty much of several blogs, (not as much as I would like to), I should start writing a few DM’ing posts every now and then. I mean it’s not lack of ideas – it’s lack of time – honestly…

No matter what, I hope all of you enjoyed a great year 2008 and look forward to even a greater and more rewarding year of 2009.

Please take care and have a good start,

love Markus

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