Pathfinder Beta – Quick (and belated) update

Just a short note from my side, when I returned from my vacation – it was a pleasure to find on the paizo RSS feed the release note of Pathfinder Beta – as you might have noticed already I’m quite fond of the system and recommend it in case you’re not completely satisfied with 3.5 or already tired of 4.0 of Dungeons & Dragons.

Additionally they have reworked and created much more content than they could fit into the >400pages book and have already released the first Web Enhancement – expanding and fixing a few issues with spells and magic items in the past. I’ll try to screen, scan and read the stuff in the coming days and post a more extensive review here.

2 thoughts on “Pathfinder Beta – Quick (and belated) update

  1. Aye, of course I am, currently just reading blogs, hardly having time to even comment.
    Got a lot of work – and manage in my little spare time a Shadowrun Campaign and a D20 Ptolus Campaign 🙂 based on Pathfinder Rules.

    I promise to blog more often soon, honestly :).

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