Short pre-weekend report

So, well yesterday I broke my blog-strike :).

I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Stay quite and say nothing to the world around me… But I guess nothing will change – too few people realize what personal freedom means – and in fact I doubt we have freedom like this so called “freedom” everyone has due to various constitutions and human rights declarations. But enough of this whining without a point – what happened lately over here.

You might have noticed – if you still look or ever looked into my blog, I’ve been writing alot on roleplaying games. So the first change was we really switched from Dungeons & Dragons where the campaign ended a bit prematurely to Shadowrun – New Orleans. A high-tide setting created by Tom/Coyote. I’ll try to come back to regular postings now and will keep an information channel open so everyone can read what happened and will happen here.

Secondly and most importantly, I / we have got a new flat mate. It’s been a few weeks now and Jeannie is doing fairly well meanwhile. She tends to chase Jacob and Einstein around – is very cuddly but tends to be in equal shares touchy :). Still I think she finally made her trial time home… She had a rather harsh, unfriendly late history, she has been setout into a staircase in the 8th district with an opened metal-can and a  bit of sand in a very small cage… Whoever does such things – may the same happen to him.

During weekends I’ve spent a lot of time on motorbike trips and tours – though they have been quite short this year, I’m looking forward to next year’s tours.

Well so that was my little update for now – dearest reader I hope you enjoy a relaxing and wonderful weekend. (Over here we have high tides – flooded cities in Austria and I think the medieval market on Sunday will drown and I should start thinking of an alternative… (Thermae))

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