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Share your favorites – Top25 vote

A nice idea has Zachary over at RPGBlog II – he’s collecting votes for the top 25 rankings of blogger’s favorites.

I’ll post you my personal ranking. It’s not including every rpg I’ve played or read, but lists those I liked in front and those I didn’t at the end of the list ;).

1. Pathfinder RPG
2. Shadowrun 3rd Edition
3. AD&D 2nd Edition
4. Palladium Fantasy
5. Werewolf the Apocalypse
6. Cyberpunk
7. Gurps
9. Elric
10.Mage the Ascension
12.Vampire the Dark Ages
13.DSA 2nd Edition
14.Ars Magica
15.PP&P (Pluesch, Power & Plunder)
16.Star Wars d6
17.Mage the Sorcerers Crusade
18.Call of Cthulu
19.Vampire the Masquerade
21.DSA 4th Edition
23.Changeling the Dreaming
24.Wraith the Oblivion
25.D&D 4th Edition

Start sharing folks ;).

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