Your beloved Monster?

Well, I guess at least a small part of those who tend to read my blog are either roleplaying gamers or part of our gaming group. So I kindly would ask you to answer the question regarding what kind of monsters do you like?

I’ll start with my personal preferences and tell you why, maybe this gives you a few ideas to think about and make the answer all easier to you. I have a few very strong likes when it comes to monsters and villains. Given the fact that I’m mainly a D&D gamer, I do have a strong love for Dragons (I admit it, yes I love them), if I had to pick a unique kind of dragon that I would favor most, I would probably pick a shadow-dragon. I’ve ever since the Archwizards trilogy been fascinated with shadowstuff and would imagine one of the shadow-dragons as partly made of shadowstuff – I think this might be one of the most impressive villains one can imagine…

Another type of monster I’ve always been a fan of are Illithids, or nowadays more commonly referred to as mind-flayers. I think it is due to their alien design and the henceforth given “pictures in your mind” of “just what they COULD do and CAN do” that make them for a flavor-rich monster in a fantasy world. It’s this part-horror design that keen edge of a mind that is – just there. And I loved the concept of the non-psionic illithid barbarian from the Underdark book of WOTC. (Now that’s – cool!!!)

Finally I enjoy Slaads. The idea of (almost) utter chaos and the strange hierarchy from red – blue – green – grey – death is a combination of formidable foes and “good for a smile”.

Ah I forgot to mention one type, Beholders. I like them, but haven’t used them. They always seemed very powerful to me, and henceforth I refrained from using them as dungeon master so far, maybe I will find an opportunity in the future to change this lack of usage.

Well, that’s for my few thoughts on the matter of Mo-mo-mo-monsters…. Maybe you find a moment or two and share yours. I would be very happy to read them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Your beloved Monster?

  1. Dragons are, naturally, on the top of the list. They can be used to evoke whatever themes are required: Forces of nature, the divine, the power that comes with age, …
    Besides, they are powerful and hence a good challenge.

    Fey, in general, are another favourite. They can be used as spirits of nature, sneaky tricksters, powerful entities, comic reliefs, or human-like characters with strange motivations. Few will wonder about a fey assigning a quest like “Find a blue butterfly with green wings and bring it to me.”.

  2. With respect to recent adventures and a thrilling book I once read about the drow I vote for lichs 🙂
    Once mighty wizards capable to wield dreadful spell, they are opponents hard to assess and create a dreary atmosphere…

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