Causa WotC – Paizo and White Wolf Reactions

Happily I had a nice newsletter this morning in my inbox, the Paizo one (once again), this time with a lot better news, Paizo is offering a limited time (very) special prices on their pdf’s.

On the other side White Wolf have a similiar offer, they offer their Exalted Second Edition PDF free of charge (until 12th of April) and a one time 10% discount on their pdf’s withthe magic  “wwlovesyou” word. Honestly I like this approach. The exact announcement can be found here.

Looks like half the rpg-blogoverse is already spreading this, therefore I guess it won’t harm if I point you there, as well. If you’re into pdf’s (I definitely am) – pick it now. Might be one of the best chances to have a good look at new material in many ways. Finally WotC’s decisions do have a very positive impact on the gaming industry in terms of showing they are different.

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