WotC’s newest Faux Pas

I have to admit, I hardly ever read newsletters I receive from rpgnow, drivethrurpg and paizo, wait – I do read a bit of the last… But I tend to have a little bit of this scan-through and filter for information when I have a minute or two…

WotC stops sale of PDF documents

Paizo, rpgnow and drivethrurpg aren’t the only ones but probably the largest ones. With Wizards stopping the pdf distribution of their products they probably try to harm a bit of the industry on one side, and will limit the former-canon products available to be used with PathfinderRPG. In my opinion this sounds very much like the Music industry to me and their everpresent fear of piracy. Hey guys, we’re your customers – have you ever – EVER – heard of Customer Relationships? You should try to inform people about measures you’re taking, you should try to make them understand.

Looks like I’m not the only one hoping sincerely that WotC sells the IP rights for the whole D&D products soon. Well, I’ve stopped buying original WotC products when 4e came out, my disappointment with the license that ended the revolutionary era, started by the whole d20 and the OGL, and ended with the rest of 4e – for which not a single player of my group could find a little motivation for – it was in short just a disappointment with a few ideas but intended obviously for a different audience. For now I’m still waiting for WotC to search for a legal action to be taken against PathfinderRPG – that would just seem to be the next step a giant like WotC – obviously blind to see the most loyal customers around… Hell if this happens I really hope we would find a way out.

RPG.net Thread


and a lot more have already started discussion and spreading of the word. It’s really upsetting that many fabulous authors are still working for WotC – and I wish every single one of them manages the jump onto something solid if the large machinery ever starts stalling…

5 thoughts on “WotC’s newest Faux Pas

  1. Hmmm, why is it that whenever I read of the latest manoeuvre by WoTC these days I hear the ‘Imperial March’ playing in my head?

    Well, as I haven’t bought anything from WoTC since they pulled the plug on 3.5e it doesn’t hurt me too much, though I’m concerned as to how this might impact the business of those distributors.

    I was buying Goodman Games material from RPGNow until they (somewhat rashly) pulled all their d20 product. Never mind, Necromancer Games are still selling their 3.5e modules (sans logo). Long may they continue.

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  2. Sadly, you can’t fault the talent for staying with WotC. They want to work as much as the next person. WotC, whom I don’t support, still has a pretty good market share of the RPG, much like MS does for PCs. People will go to where the money is.

    Is it sad? Yes it is. Can you fault the talnet? I don’t think so. Would I like it if they worked for someone else? Yes I would.

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  3. @ Lurkinggherkin: Ye the imperial march is sadly very fitting for this. I mean from a business perspective I see this (very american) point of maximum profit, but since imho WotC is a service provider they should worry about their customer relationships, shouldn’t they? I’ve read only little of necromancer games yet (I’ve stuck to the free modules, but I’ll surely catch up with goodman games and necromancer games when they provide nice material in the future) – I would love to get this beautiful City of Brass boxed set here in Austria…

    @ Bonemaster: Yes, unfortunately right. And I think the comparison Microsoft – WotC is even a harmless one. I mean the machineries of large companies hardly ever adapt in time to change-demands from client side. Too bad isn’t it? But then again, where would all the smaller players in the market gain their shares (Necromancer Games, Goodman Games, Mongoose Publishing, even Paizo is comparably small but they adapt to the demands and therefore are worth supporting – I won’t spend a penny on WotC’S d20 products. I doubt any change to come can change this in the future. (Ok, if D&D 5 comes out in 3 years and indeed is that good, I will reevaluate my statement here ;))

  4. Ah….Greed! As if Hasbro, Inc. wasn’t already big enough. Since their purchase of WotC the fun just keeps on coming.

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