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epic preparation – p9 – Conclusions

Weaving it together – the final chapter. Boris Balkan: Now you can watch! You can’t come with me… I must travel alone but you can look on and marvel. Dean Corso: That’s very kind of you. Boris Balkan: Indeed it is. There have been men who have been burned alive or disemboweled for a glimpse of […]

epic preparation – p8 – Actionplan

Actionplan Now we’re almost at the end of our epic-campaign guide and towards the end we got a key to success back hidden here. Let’s hope you find it useful since unless you’re already doing it with an actionplan and timeline you might find the concept a little strange and uncommon. The actionplan should be your final […]

epic preparation – p7 – Politics

Political setup …or eeks – why should I do that? Politics… It’s easy – because you’ve got some really powerful characters running around and politics are always interested in having the big ones on their side. So we’ll have a close look to the politics of various groups, regions and perhaps individuals that are parts […]

epic preparation – p6 – NPCs

NPC definition and setup according to character backgrounds You hopefully still remember part four of this guide where we took a few (more or less) random characters and interweaved them to our player’s character-backgrounds. Now we will take a closer look onto a few of them and add some more to make this a bit more […]

epic preparation – p4 – Interweaving

Background interweaving So you’ve got your world up and ready, now we get back to a bit character work, by now you should know your characters pretty well and probably they know each other well, too. It’s your part that you enhance your player’s work by adding additional contacts and build a network with good […]

epic preparation – p3 – History & Geo

Studying of History and Geography Opener Now you got a few characters, maybe all of this is part of your long-time campaign / ongoing adventure and you’re lifting it to epic levels, maybe you’ve just started this draft and want to start all a new. It does hardly matter – you will have to prepare the […]

epic preparation – p2 – Character Generation

Epic Character Generation So we’ve started to prepare our toolset for the adventure or campaign in part one. Now comes the part most of us will definitely enjoy and the part that will have the strongest influence on the adventure itself – the characters. Just a short reminder , if you’ve never before been a […]

TPK – lost to evil

  Good morning, I had the pleasure of dungeon mastering my current Ptolus campaign and yesterday was one partial end of the story but everything came a bit different than it was planned… As a sidenote, when we started the campaign we started with seven players, with the latest two adventures we only saw three […]

Temptations of Evil – Part Two: Evil in Group(s)

Evil in a Group Probably one of the strongest and (in my humble opinion) most tempting designs for a character not only you will remember is an evil one. I’ve played a few of them, (since my personal hero-playing behaviour is predominant), but always enjoyed them. The basic for a great (not only good) evil […]

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