Easy sidepost

Since I’m a heavy web-stumbler in those countless moments when I’m just caught inbetween two thoughts and can’t decide which path to pick…
A few of my recent favorites:

Since I happen to dream about a house to live in (every now and then on a regular base – this is a good start where I don’t want to end up)

YesButNoButYes – Where the Streets have bad names

Then there is always out therei n the web that get’s me back to my old bad habits. Roleplaying games…

Primer for Old School Gaming

Since I use to play a *cough* few shooters every now *cough* and then – I had a good laugh on this one

Blame Fortress

And just another recommendation when you’re looking for some stylish presents on the next occasion.

Recommendations for presents you can give to anyone-geek.

Happy stumbling

Technical Update(s) / Plugins

Just a short sidenote – inspired by a few plugins over at ChattyDM and GeekDreamGirl I just started with the Wavatar and Commentluv plugins. I have to admit I like both pretty much.

Wavatar is adding nice little avatars which are very much “generated” as a result of an md5 hash of your mail-address. So you tend to have the same face everywhere ( and i started to wonder how that worked, before I knew it was such a plugin around ).

Secondly the CommentLuv links to the last blog-entries of those that made an entry at your page. Pretty nice I think – helping the whole Blogosphere a bit especially when you use good titles.


Well I tend to update my blogroll (you can hardly miss it – it’s right next to this text) silently. But I have to admit doing so probably does not give the credit many blogs deserve. And I came to realize that today when I read through a few rpg blogs… Featuring other blogs tends to be the way to show what you like and a key feature one should utilize, whether he’s a regular blogger or just a irregular one as I am.

So I picked three blogs I discovered lately and though a short description and my sincere recommendation to give them a few moments of your time, if you’re (as I am) looking for interesting reads. Continue reading Featuring…