RPG Superstar Round 3 (Villains)

Oh it looks very promising and the one european on his way to the finals is still there!

According to the new paizo newsletter we’ve got 17 finalists, who are already fleshing out villains for their submissions. Based on Pathfinder’s beta rpg system (the inofficial D&D 3.75) I have to admit it’s something I am really, really looking forward to.

And since we only got one european in the whole competition – I say – go Vladislav go!
The Top 17 finalists for RPG Superstar 2009 and their winning entries are:

Eric Bailey (Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA): Varrush, Master of the Palace of Abundance; Lens of the Runethief

Matt Banach (Champaign, Illinois, USA): Rustin Harp, Ringleader of the Lost Carnival; Master’s Perfect Golden Bell

Joao Beraldo (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil): Boemundo, Unliving Oblivion; Heart of Oblivion

Joshua Blazej (Simi Valley, California, USA): Derinogen, Aristocratic Mage; Hurricane Gloves

Kevin Carter (Aliso Viejo, California, USA): Malgana the Twistwood Witch; Spider Hook

Randy Dorman (Pittsfield, Maine, USA): Hecataeus, Master of Constructs; Helm of the Golem Master

James F.D. Graham (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada): Count Falconbridge, Fate’s Adversary; Mongoose Claw

Trevor Gulliver (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada): Bracht Darkhouse, The Flesh Peddler; Horn of the Dark Hunt

Carl Klutzke (Carmel, Indiana, USA): Sharina Legendsinger; Boundary Chalk

Jacob Manley (New Hampton, New Hampshire, USA): Volner Tain, the Thrice-Damned Disciple; Dust of Weighty Burdens

Eric Morton (Normandy Park, Washington, USA): Aelfric Dream-Slayer; Veil of the Midnight Vigil

Vladislav Rashkovski (Bulgaria): Kardam, the Burning Khan; The Scarlet Legionary Banner

Philip Snyder (Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, USA): Ssyth’ek, He Who Devours Demons; Temporal Bracers

Neil Spicer (Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA): Gulga Cench, Scion of Cyth-V’sug; Last Leaves of the Autumn Dryad

Matthew Stinson (Jacksonville, Florida, USA): Sartel Bollen, Mistress of the Headless Caravan; School of Eyes

Doyle Tavener (Richmond, Texas, USA): Kar-en-haris, Grand Master of Spies; Desna’s Triptych of Threefold Wisdom

Mark Thomas (Brooklyn, New York, USA): Lord Jeroim Borloz, the Diamond Dragon; Hammer’s Bane Torc

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