Update 2009-04-08

Short Update on Blogs

Help needed

That said, you might want to check out A Butterfly Dreaming and share your opinion on his postings and blog. I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with his advice sections and might enjoy the contest he has started for…

Blizzards, Thunderstorms and long, dry nights

If you’re running games, you should be a regular at campaignmastery.com – if you ever wondered how helpful weather might be in your games, check out their latest advice.

For the indecisive

In case you’re still searching for a reason why you should play rpg’s – check out madbrewlabs. It’s good for a smile and stating truth on a hobby you probably do like.

The evil guys..

And one of my preferred topics is currently dealt with at the Core Mechanic – Villains.

You’ll find a lot of blogs going wild on the latest WotC news – pdf’s cancelled – and the german blogs with the following story:

WotC the story goes on…

No enough to cancel the pdf products, WotC obviously has started a campaign against players worldwide. WotC has according to dndgate (a german website) given only a 2-sentence e-mail cancelling an arrangement agreed upon in the past – and left the publisher Feder & Schwert out in the cold rain. I’ve hardly anything I want to add on this, nothing to add that is not a rant. Read for yourself in case you’re interested. I can’t wait to get my pathfinderRPG as soon as it’s released and I wish with all my heart for Paizo that this will become a huge success in the future.

epic preparation – must-reads

I’ve started doing a little research before and while I was putting my epic-adventure series online. Advice of fellow bloggers is something I appreciate very much and something you shouldn’t miss as well. Therefore a few of my favorite picks on adventure preparation to improve your planning and having a good time doing it.

Adventure Design 101 – @ abutterflydreaming
(several clues on howto get started with adventure design and a soon-to-come update on villain design)

The Villain in adventure design – @ abutterflydreaming
(just in time for me to update the links before they go online, it’s really worth reading and complements the next one…)

Bard of Valiant, Villains Part 1
Bard of Valiant, Villains Part 2
Bard of Valiant, Villains Part 3
Bard of Valiant, Villains Part 4
Bard of Valiant, Villains Summary
(a series to get your evil npcs in a useful shape [
– a most important step in your preparation, give it a thought – it’s a great read)

What power is and what it is not – @ exchangeofrealities
(is great to get a feeling of how powerful your characters really are and to get a feeling for the whole epic thing)

Recover from DM mistakes – @ dm.com
(just in case you were not prepared to make some mistakes, i guess this article does not take it as far as you need it in an epic campaign, but it’s a good starter)

Bard of Valiant on Character Death
(probably the one thing hardest to prepare for – and a very interesting read on it)

The whole series (links to the posts will be active after publishing of them).

Getting started on Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part one
Problems of an Epic-Level Campaign
Epic Character Generation Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part two
History and Geography Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part three
Background Interweaving Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part four
Additional resources (links)
Specialities and Resources Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part five
NPC Definitions and Setup Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part six
Political Setup Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part seven
Actionplan Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part eight
Weaving it together Preparing an Epic-Level Adventure – part nine