The Pinnacle

Playing dungeon master in roleplaying games on a regular base is something that will take you from the lowest depths of the Abyss, Baator, Hell, Hades and the Grey Wastes of Gehenna right to the top of Mount Celestia, the Heavens, Arcadia and all the other planes you can, or can not (yet) think of. What is the point of this?

MadnessWell, I think you should see it as a mirror to a gamers soul. To his inner beliefs and this leads sometimes to extended reflection on his beliefs, fears, needs and wishes. To my very self, this is a positive thing, a fortunate activity and especially fortunate since you don’t face everything at once and nothing of it (during the game) directly. It’s a workaround with a lot of interaction, to experience, toying around with fundaments of your – self.

The most pictographic approach usually can be found within the hells, no matter what name they might carry. What comes to your mind when you think about devils? What comes to your mind when you think about demons? I’ll tell you what my imagination tells me about it.

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Problems of an Epic Campaign

To be honest, I have a draft waiting and could not get myself to finish it. The whole epic-campaign blog entry was meant to get my own thoughts sorted and there is this discussion I had with Tom on friday that made me realize that I have forgotten one of those key elements that reappear every now and then. And of course in campaigns of higher level these may become serious gamebreakers.

So before I waste more of your precious preparation time I might as well go on with a special sidenote this monday.
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Temptations of Evil – Part Two: Evil in Group(s)

Evil in a Group

Probably one of the strongest and (in my humble opinion) most tempting designs for a character not only you will remember is an evil one. I’ve played a few of them, (since my personal hero-playing behaviour is predominant), but always enjoyed them. The basic for a great (not only good) evil design in a group of good guys is usually not to make him extraordinarily powerful or scheming. As a player it should be your focus to find your personal niché – to adapt and expand your groups portfolio and flair by your character’s concept. (Actually I think this should be the key to virtually every character design and I would really love to have my players always keep this in regard before any other things).


So what does really work good for an evil character in a good group? (I’m really relating this on the black & white good/evil thingy here)
I think disguises are an extraordinary way to play an evil character in a good group. I remember one of my very best appearances as actually three characters. Victanys, Kryscarin and Cairoa in during a few sessions and the best was – they were all just one. Let me explain: Continue reading Temptations of Evil – Part Two: Evil in Group(s)

The Temptations of Evil Part One: Seven Sins

Inspiration is everything. And as blog-network is a great resource for inspiration it seems. With the feed online only a few hours, the mere stumbling through it – … – ah you better see it yourself.

Over at Gnome-Stew, Walt posted an interesting question in his latest posting – Hot Button: A Touch of Evil. And I have to admit, I thought about writing a mere comment on it, but then again it is a topic that accompanies me ever since I’ve switched (for a time) from D&D and other “hero” rpgs to the old World of Darkness – Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse,… (You probably know these games).

Back then it was the ultimate and absolute feeling of power – playing someone from the other side. But we all played characters that in the d20 alignment system would have been defined as “Chaotic Evil“. So we were pretty selfish and roleplaying was getting more of a competition than actual gaming together. It is a time now that I look back at with mixed feelings. A part of my rpg experience I do not want to have missed, but I’m really glad that I got back on track.

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