epic preparation – p1 – Starting


Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good series, but I have the feeling this could be one, if I get the words right… As a matter of fact it happens that on irregular occasions my gaming group has a 2-4 days special event, coordinated by one dungeonmaster who is in charge of the event. This usually happens at pentecost or another extended weekend. With some players of my group it’s easy enough to read that they would like to play something more powerful – something more capable – something EPIC. While I have had the chance to play epic adventures as player and dungeon master before, it has been quite a while and my dungeon master experience was nothing spectacular back then – and this planning now will do hopefully some trick to improve this for the upcoming adventure(s).

In the first part of the preparation script I will outline the general requirements of an epic campaign and approach a project-plan for the general blog series of it.


  1. Defining the broader terms
    First step to an epic game will be a definition of terms. Characters and their Alignment, Planes/World, Motivations of my players and their role in the world
  2. Epic Character Generation
    The second and probably one of the most important steps will be the character generation itself. For one I have to decide whether everything will be played with dungeon-master made characters or how much of a player creation I can and want to accept in a game like this. Continue reading epic preparation – p1 – Starting