Hannes – Farewell party

Project HannesHannes will leave us soon but there were still a few things we wanted to show to him, since he spent a lot of time over the last two days together with the hitchhiker sheep (on the pictures easily identified with a olive-green french-hat) and James the skunk – but since we have a lot more sheeps around here, and everyone was pretty fond of our visitor, the hitchhiker-sheep prepared something special. But I think pictures might tell you a little more than just my little story…

Hitchi's masterplan 1Hitchi's masterplan 10Hitchi's masterplan 3Hitchi's masterplan 4

So after telling Hannes that he was looking forward to a nice evening with some popcorn and tv (Hannes was looking quite sleepy and might have enjoyed this after all), our planning little hitchhiker’s sheep led him into the carefully prepared living room. As you can clearly see, Hannes was really calm and not expecting the least of what should follow. Continue reading Hannes – Farewell party