The Temptations of Evil Part One: Seven Sins

Inspiration is everything. And as blog-network is a great resource for inspiration it seems. With the feed online only a few hours, the mere stumbling through it – … – ah you better see it yourself.

Over at Gnome-Stew, Walt posted an interesting question in his latest posting – Hot Button: A Touch of Evil. And I have to admit, I thought about writing a mere comment on it, but then again it is a topic that accompanies me ever since I’ve switched (for a time) from D&D and other “hero” rpgs to the old World of Darkness – Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse,… (You probably know these games).

Back then it was the ultimate and absolute feeling of power – playing someone from the other side. But we all played characters that in the d20 alignment system would have been defined as “Chaotic Evil“. So we were pretty selfish and roleplaying was getting more of a competition than actual gaming together. It is a time now that I look back at with mixed feelings. A part of my rpg experience I do not want to have missed, but I’m really glad that I got back on track.

But enough on the introduction – let’s get on with the Temptations of Evil. Continue reading The Temptations of Evil Part One: Seven Sins