Technical Update(s) / Plugins

Just a short sidenote – inspired by a few plugins over at ChattyDM and GeekDreamGirl I just started with the Wavatar and Commentluv plugins. I have to admit I like both pretty much.

Wavatar is adding nice little avatars which are very much “generated” as a result of an md5 hash of your mail-address. So you tend to have the same face everywhere ( and i started to wonder how that worked, before I knew it was such a plugin around ).

Secondly the CommentLuv links to the last blog-entries of those that made an entry at your page. Pretty nice I think – helping the whole Blogosphere a bit especially when you use good titles.


Ok, I have to admit not being very active with blogs lately (neither reading nor writing), but after adding a dozen of blogs to my feedreader yesterday evening and writing almost as many comments already I thought I stop writing, complaining and repeating the ultimate topic for a while (4e).

So to take myself from focussing on 4th edition I have to think about another topic and one of the first things that come to my mind are the multitude of gaming worlds out there. I’ll list a few and I would love to read about your preferences, own experience and suggestions you got.

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