Blog-game (the next chapter)

The advantage of keeping blogs in my reader even if I never meet the people again is, every once in a while when I’m having a little bit of time, it’s really hard – not – to find a game of creative idea in a blog.

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.
No cheating! (This is really funny and often quite true).
Repost this as what your music says about you.

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Talarian and the misty swamps [pt. 1]

There are these special characters in the life of a roleplaying-gamer. When you first play them you know they are so very enjoyable, when you share them they’re almost everytime good for some smiles or laughter and you know you’re going to have some fun even before the adventure really starts… Talarian (black) circle mage of Waterdeep is one of those characters, when I created him he was just another wizard, I played around and tried to find something that felt right, I concentrated on making him a summoner, switched from Wizard to Sorcerer, enjoyed the thought of an Eldritch Knight even more and voilà, it started to feel just right.

Yesterday it was Martin’s PathfinderRPG debut as a dungeon master and when I try to describe it, I end up with one word: Impressive. Because his story was quite sophisticated, because his descriptions were quite in-depth, and mainly because I did not expect him to find such a very successful combination of story, fun, descriptions, player-integration and (again, because it was a lot of) fun; but he did find it. Furthermore it was an excellent gathering of players in one evening to remember.

Talarian, black robe of the waterdeep circle

Day 41 of the cross-breed study.

While my colleagues are still hesitating on the new calling, I am a step ahead. I’ve found a rare cross-breed of giant cockroachs and giant grasshoppers whose excrements are showing positive effects on the calling itself. I’ve convinced my near-sighted colleagues that I’ve retreated from this most valuable of studies and am currently working on a bat-dung replacement for their all-beloved fireballs. Fools, they can not see their mistake. The noble Duernatar has helped me greatly in locating these cross-breeds at the very watersides of the moon-sea. Shortly after I’ve taken two of those precious teleport-scrolls and started my journey, but there it started – everything was to go a little wrong…

Somewhere I might be meant to be but did not mean to be

“Talarian, Master Talarian?”, a young, almost childish voice woke me from the teleportal statis, after effects – Continue reading Talarian and the misty swamps [pt. 1]

Quickreview: Dr. Parnassus

The Imaginations of Doctor Parnassus,

maybe to be subtitled with “in memorial Heath Ledger” was yesterday’s pre-premiere at our local cinema and I was curious.

I started headfirst into the movie, only having a (very) rough idea of what this all was about, feeling quite comfortable with the german translation of the title which hinted a relation of sorts with Doctor Caligari… Terry Gilliams newest project is weird and reminds of a strange combination of Alice in Wonderland (which is not yet out) and Goethe’s masterpiece Faust. The film very much profits from the ingenious performance of Tom Waits as Mr Nick (aka the Devil himself). What at first appears as an approach full of humor is one of tragedy.

The Imaginations of Doctor Parnassus are wonderful and inspiring, they are an approach to storytelling and to dreaming. They speak of change and danger and are translated with a lot of love and passion behind every single picture. I very much like the Heath Ledger part in it with the perspective of change and the three replacements of Heath in those imaginations. (Farell, Law and Depp)

For my part, I couldn’t get warm with Lily Cole, mainly due to her ever-child appearance, though her role fits very good in… Andrew Garfield on his part was a troublesome tragic, at times a bit annoying but playing perfectly the role of the one in love who just can’t get out of this all…

All in all, the movie was good, very thoughful and dramatic. The pictures were wonderful and inspiring. The end is a little disappointing and some parts just could have been improved in my view. Still, I would give Mr Plummer for his very heart-warming Parnassus a 6 of 10 points. With a recommendation for all friends of tragic fantasy (in this case you would probably give 8/10).