Curse of Avalon XII – The final fairytale

October 18th, 2008 by TheLemming (2) english,Events,Private Life

In delightful anticipation – it’s Curse of Avalon time tonight (once again) – so we got the chapter twelve open here. Happy birthday dear fairy (tina) – for though I have read you will spend your birthday in London, UK – we will be with you this night.

What to expect from a Curse of Avalon? A nice evening in vienna’s city center – a combination of medieval sounds guided into a soundscape of fantasy, epic and power-metal. Your hosts will be das Reeh and myself since our beloved DJane pi:ratte won’t be able to join us.

So let the party begin – soon.

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  1. Wavatar Donny_the_DM Says:

    Come back Lemmi! We miss you!

  2. Wavatar TheLemming Says:

    Thanks a lot Donny, that was a quick welcome. I’ll try to post now again more regularly… I hope I am.

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