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Roleplayingpro has a nice feature of a new page out there that might be helpful to many of you, Epic Words.

What’s epic words? A gamer toolsite where you can upload campaigns, characters – have some blogs of your favorite character from his perspective and many other things. They’ve a flood of features, starting with xp and item tracking – providing wikis for games and private forums for parties… I think you get it, they just provide a great toolset for everyone to use. While we already use things like a wiki in our campaign and a forum to coordinate our games and log journals (on a mostly irregular rhythm), I think this site is just your choice if you’re not having your own webspace.

While already featured on Bard of Valiant, I have to agree with her that you probably should visit MadBrewLabs if you’re into creative items. It’s really another post (more than) worth reading.

Found over at QuestingDM, I ran into a link that got me curious – it lead me to Philosophy of Games with a great article on Film Noir characters in rpgs.. I think that’s the right blog for Tommi from Cogito ergo ludo, the two of them could share endless discussions over a few liters of wine (at least in my imagination – I know philosophers, since my girlfriend is making her PhD thesis in philosophy at the moment).

And while I’m working on the whole epic preparation series, you might be looking for something completely different – like a introductory game for new players? You can find it here in this Gnome Stew article.

Last but not least I wanted to mention – if you’re a gamer and like regular updates, you might want to have a look at Johnn Four’s newsletter and online database of newsletters at roleplayingtips.com I have to admit, some issues are not very interesting to me (like the newest one), but others just blow my mind… Look a bit through the archives, you find advice on virtually all topics you can imagine.

Edited (before publishing) speaking of Johnn, he released another article on his own blog where he’s going into details on his campaign planning cycle. He’s one of those 14days gamers and at the moment I would love to have that much time playing. It’s a great post on howto keep up with your npcs during an adventure or campaign, that was the basic “this article is great” point I had to read first and I have to say I like the split approach of Campaign Progression, ideas and thoughs and design – maybe I would do it a little different but it has inspired me for my next campaign.

5 thoughts on “Epic Words

  1. Hey Johnn,
    give me a day or two and I’ll look it up – ain’t got the newsletter archive here on my laptop but I’ll share my favorites if you’re interested in the coming days.

  2. I just wanted to toss out Obsidian Portal as an online campaign management system. I use it and fully endorse it, and not just because I wrote it 🙂

    Like you said, if you don’t want to set up your own wiki/forum/blog/cms/whatever, just come to Obsidian Portal, sign up, and get back to playing!

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