Adventures of Latizan the Dwarf

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Latizan, I know a pretty uncommon dwarven name, isn’t it? Well, guess what – his profession of choice is even more uncommon where he’s from, but not unrespected and far from not-needed. He’s a tailor and he tends to be a real good one, but what’s tailor worth if he hasn’t seen the world and learned to know all the various fabrics out there? Right, not very much. So Latizan, Son of Bodrok Shieldsplitter found his way to a small but very nice adventuring party. I won’t go into details but it all started a bit like cliché – but it wasn’t – it was a really good and nice bar brawl back then…

Well no matter what, the dwarf has been a few days with his new companions, one of them claiming to be a dwarf himself (Brorim)…

“Ye, I can tell you mate, he drinks like a dwarf and looks like one of ours, but he’s denying axe and shield, he ain’t even carryin’ any armor at all.”, that’s probably how the tailor himself would describe his dwarven companion with a wide smile on his face and always trying but hardly able to understand this most uncommon friend he’s made lately. On the other hand he isn’t half has ugly as the barbarian with the slightly pointed ears, “I mean she drinks like a dwarf, fights like a dwarf with that mighty flail she got there, but there must be plenty of foul elven blood in her, not far astray from being a tiefling they say!”, once again just a tailor’s opinion that would be. “Finally we got that young human with his Denier god and books and all, I mean he’s quite a nice guy, I can remember when I was as young as he is, I mean we dwarven are different for sure, not reading during watchtime we are – no we would not even think about this..”, referring to one of the less anticipated things a dwarf expects when he wakes in the morning and finds the young scholar in front of a book and lost far away without any recognition of ongoing events in the campsite… “Quite intelligent he thinks he is with all that books he is carrying, but hardly able to pull a bolt from a tree”, with a smirk in face, it’s sometimes hard to tell when Latizan is playing pranks with the young cleric that has more magic on his side than most others he has ever seen before, but then again he’s just a dwarf with an honest profession…

And then there were a lot of challenges this day, they were out looking for a scout, and a scout they did find, pinned neatly with ten bolts onto a tree, probably the incident with the bolts that was mentioned before, and it was hard to miss that they did a very lucky and efficient job on tracking the murderer’s down, first they met with two strange guys that were hardly talkative but attacked with great swords, then it was a math-magic riddle to activate a portal, and finally they faced two rather huge (but luckily not too intelligent) liches. I mean they could not destroy the lich, but probably found the old-one (a special caste of men in Rashemen) they were meant to deliver a message for and everything had a very strange taste to it, did anyone mention these liches were served by kobolds? Bad taste you mean? No actually, you haven’t smelled the ogres, the kobolds were a lot prettier to look at.

Honestly, I think we had one of the most funny and rewarding sessions today. Roman as storyteller is doing great, though he lacks a bit of routine, but I can not even imagine how he would do if he managed that part as well. Thomas, Jenny, Andrea and me were facing challenges with smiles on our faces and I think on a few occassions I found myself not far from laughing out loud. The relationship between the characters is extraordinarily well developed, being that the second game we played with them, (unfortunately we missed our little cleptomaniac halfling girl Beatrix’ plays tonight), and they are pretty close (in my humble opinion). It’s a dwarven bond between the dwarves, but a special kind with Brorim being a Monk/Druid which is as special as it sounds, Enenia the barbarian that’s gotten right the identical mood on Dyke’s pranks with books and intelligent approaches as Latizan has, and of course Dyke who does a great job on being the one with a mind and having a hard time because of it.

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