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After pointing to a nice and probably for some of you very interesting link of a shared project by E of Geeksdreamgirl and SR of Stupidranger– they try to gather as much information on female gamers out there as they can, and as I am in one of those groups with 50% female gamers and hoping andrea, beatrix and jenny will read this, maybe you feel like helping them out and fill out this survey. Just up front, I didn’t feel like it was that uncommon to have female gamers around nowadays, but it seems like over the big sea the things are still different – maybe you feel like giving them input. The direct links to the surveys are right here. By the way – they are interesting in our opinions (the male counterparts) as well – so if you’re from the other gender like I am – take this survey here.

So much for the advertising campaign ;-), back to my first idea –

Of Wizards and Men.

Maybe you’ve experienced that one yourself and I have to admit, I’m anxious to get that very little bit of feedback from a few readers here, since I’m honestly not sure what I should think in this regard: Wizards (here the wild-card for spellcasting classes) are superior in every regard. Not only the general status they have got. It does not even depend a lot on the world, unless wizards are heavily sought for under penalty of death (did I mention that I really enjoy campaign settings like Midnight? and I love playing wizards there as well).
But honestly, while I very much enjoy playing Latizan at the moment, which means I love playing dwarves, it feels kinda blunt to play a fighter, he’s got that nice axe of his, he has the armor of his choice and even a few special maneuvers – and for the social aspect of it – I wouldn’t trade him for any other character – since we’re having loads of fun with our gaming group at the moment. Then again, there is the lack of challenge in playing a fighter class, nothing you have to prepare in advance and use wisely, no magic you can pass onto items or companions. It feels a bit hollow in comparison – especially in regards of future perspective. A fighter will become more proficient with his arms, he will gain in other aspects but he has no special expertise that a Wizard can not achieve in his life. I wonder if I am the only one feeling that way when it comes to straight forward fighters, in terms of D&D it’s probably the fighter-class and very much the same for the monk, probably as well for paladins. In these regards I think the one edition that had a rather good attempt on this was D&D 2nd edition, (I just looked it up to make sure) – back then the fighter got at level 9 the option for a stronghold with followers and a henchmen. It was kinda the Bruenor Battlehammer fighter that either claimed his heritage or heeded the call to start something big. Honestly I like this approach, more than the normal 0815 leadership feat you can take on level 6 since 3rd edition came out. Tell me what you think, (please).

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