Technical Update(s) / Plugins

Just a short sidenote – inspired by a few plugins over at ChattyDM and GeekDreamGirl I just started with the Wavatar and Commentluv plugins. I have to admit I like both pretty much. Wavatar is adding nice little avatars which are very much “generated” as a result of an md5 hash of your mail-address. So […]

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Curse of Avalon

Just in time – on saturday it’s once again Curse of Avalon time. More precisely – this time it’s a Covers of Avalon – one of the rare events when Reeh, Piratte and myself will try to captivate an audience with creative and hard-found cover versions that either inherit their song in medieval or metal […]

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Der Toyrun steht vor der Türe

Guten Morgen, (for obvious reasons – Toyrun being an exclusive Austrian event for the time being, I’ll write this article in german – my apologies – but in case you’re around Vienna, like Motorbiking and aren’t too shy given the upcoming bad weather – join the toyrun on sunday morning from the Brünnerstrasse, 21st district). […]

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Battle of Kingdoms

This might sound like another chapter in the rpg section of this blog, but behold – it is not *smile*. Battle of Kingdoms, also known as Muk Gong is a wonderful, film based on an old legend, located in the heart of Asia. As for the storyline, it’s around 400 BC in China, and the […]

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Well I tend to update my blogroll (you can hardly miss it – it’s right next to this text) silently. But I have to admit doing so probably does not give the credit many blogs deserve. And I came to realize that today when I read through a few rpg blogs… Featuring other blogs tends […]

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Azumi [de]

Wir hatten einen durchwegs amüsanten Abend gestern. Er begann mit Azumi I [die furchtlose Kriegerin] und endete mit Azumi II [Death or Love]. Eigentlich könnte man den Zweizeiler so stehenlassen, aber es wäre nicht Warnung genug. Nein, ehrlich die beiden Filme haben wir als derartig schlecht empfunden… Ich verstehe beim besten Willen nicht wie der […]

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