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Good morning,
I had the pleasure of dungeon mastering my current Ptolus campaign and yesterday was one partial end of the story but everything came a bit different than it was planned…

As a sidenote, when we started the campaign we started with seven players, with the latest two adventures we only saw three players – so a few adjustments were made and the lethality of the campaign grew due the general path on which it is set.  So I’ll split this posting in two parts – one will deal with the adventure yesterday, the second will deal with TPK (total player kill) in general. Continue reading

Cold Turkey

There were only two titles coming to my mind this morning. First one was Vacation upcoming, the second one was Cold Turkey…

If you enjoyed reading my blog so far, you might still understand that I am not someone with too much spare time and I hardly manage to get my postings done in time – so I was not able to prepare 10 postings for everyday when I’m gone. Besides with the new online I guess you all will find enough material to read everyday. On the other hand, I have a few recommendations of great blogs that I think are not as famous as E’s, Chatty’s or Dave’s and are more than worth reading.

A few blog recommendations (or my list of recent must-reads):

Vacation is always two sides of a story. Currently most parts of my regular group is on vacation – taking a sailing-turn on the Mondsee (Moon lake) in Salzburg, Austria. So last and this weekend I’m already having the shakes when I think about role-playing games – it has to be very similiar to cold-turkey indeed. Next possible date is the 17th, when I will have the pleasure to guide my group as dungeon master further into the secrets of a mysteriously crashed metroid and the direct consequences of this onto the world of Ptolus. 

We’ll hopefully enjoy a motorbike tour from here (Northwest of Vienna, Austria) to Lago di Garda (Garda Lake) in Italy. We’ll have a few stops inbetween, the first one on the famous southern wine-street in Styria (Austria) – we will continue to the eastern region of the Weissensee on Monday and will hopefully arrive in Riva del Gardo on the northern-most part of the Garda Lake on Tuesday. We’ll stay there for 2 nights and will travel back to Austria on Thursday morning – expected arrival Saturday… Have a good time dear readers.