1984 – here we come

Yeah, looks like we will soon all be part of a major piece of literature – you probably all know George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984. (Big Brother is watching you…) To be honest, I haven’t seen anything like this before.

I really don’t understand the point – so called security experts are approve and recommend tougher security measurements.

  • DNA records of all people
  • so called “Bundestrojaner” – a “Federal trojan horse” to be applied
  • the right to spy on everything online

and the reason for all this is terrorism and the organized terrorists that are communicating in the internet?

No – I mean serious… This can only be a joke. There are that many unbreakable encryptions nowadays – and these work flawlessly over the internet. And this is the false pretense for a 100% control of internet communication and therefore confinement of everyone’s rights?

It really takes some time to make me scream those things out but I now even find enough time to post it on my blog.

It’s not about hiding anything – it’s all about being watched – all about misuse…

Even the british experts that are asking for DNA storage of everyone – even they at least admitted that this system is hardly working nowadays – because the large danger of possible abuse.

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