Curse of Avalon XII – The final fairytale

In delightful anticipation – it’s Curse of Avalon time tonight (once again) – so we got the chapter twelve open here. Happy birthday dear fairy (tina) – for though I have read you will spend your birthday in London, UK – we will be with you this night.

What to expect from a Curse of Avalon? A nice evening in vienna’s city center – a combination of medieval sounds guided into a soundscape of fantasy, epic and power-metal. Your hosts will be das Reeh and myself since our beloved DJane pi:ratte won’t be able to join us.

So let the party begin – soon.

Sacred 2 released

Interesting thing, while I’ve had a hard time find an equal after Diablo (one, and only the first episode!) when it comes to action rpg’s, I’ve playtested Sacred 2 in the night from 2nd to 3rd of October, you can fetch a 1.7GB Demo with the Seraphim and I have to say, I enjoyed it pretty much – I mean honestly. I’ve read a review yesterday that mentions the wickedly bad quest-system (questlog) and even worse system for trade in Sacred2. And I have to admit, yes it’s all true (sadly) – but still the game looks very much fun!

So I’ll probably have a more in-depth look into the full version – I’m not 100% convinced yet and I hate copy protections like Securom, for it really doesn’t do any good. I mean – copy protection for single-player isn’t an issue for long these days and never has been. For multi-player you’ve got your (hopefully unique) key and I’m fine with a connection based validation every time – but what do I need (stupid) cd’s every time – honestly? Comfort = 0.

I tend to be a computer gamer, spending too much time in front of my pc during work and at home as well. I have a fable for FPS (shooter) games, like Team Fortress 2, and I love the Steam environment since it’s CD-free. I’ve got the same problem with NWN2 (which always requests a cd), Dawn of War Soulforge (wants a cd as well), Crysis (ok this isn’t my favorite game… still it requests a [stupid]  CD).

But that was too much derived from my original post. If you like action games, Sacred 2 might be interesting for you, give it a try. (or wait for Diablo 3). I’ve stuck with the predecessor and I am looking forward to find out whether the updates of this version might help out with the severe issues they still have.

A short update on the current state

Good morning / afternoon / evening (day),
damn so it was Donny who manages to get my conscience back on track. So my humble apologies for my absence. Actually I never was “absent”, but degraded my current state of blogging into a pure-reader. So you might want to know why? Totally boring facts I tell you, first of all I’m working a lot lately, travelling to eastern europe is just one time factor, but some QM certification issues take away a lot of time. Secondly the little spare-time that is left is used for my roleplaying groups. I’m currently dungeon master in a d20 Ptolus campaign using the Pathfinder rules and leading my Shadowrunners into a most unusual space-trip… Besides this (Because we’re all addicted, aren’t we?) we are preparing a new long-time forgotten realms pathfinder campaign (campaign setting 3.5, since 4.0 is imho not interesting anymore).

One of our three cats was on the operation table yesterday, it was his second eye operation, and I hope he will finally manage to have two good eyes, not one constantly clouded by tears and pus. And last weekend, we enjoyed a special rpg event (addicted, you see?), 3 days in the mysterious lands of Amn, with a most uncommon group during most unusual times. First of all the setting took place during the Time of Troubles, the time when the gods walked Abeir-Toril/Faerun. Secondly we were given the impression to be strongly aligned with one of two factions which were driven into a civil-war. Our most-unusual group: The son of the duke and his bastard half-brother, himself a leader of the scouts; a cleric of tymora who was in reality a cleric of Bhaal, the first mage, herself an Aspect of Fierna and myself, the second mage, himself an alchemist and specialist in all things shadow (I had to try this Shadowcaster thingy from Tome of Magic(r) )…

As you can see, a most unusual group and unfortunately our designated leader, the duke’s son was only able to attend on the first day, we got a lot of cold’s goin’ around here lately :(… So things were a bit rough, quite clouded and still I think all of us could enjoy the weekend for all that it was.

So, what’s next?

If you’re a local of vienna or living close by as I do, do not miss the Chocolat fair this weekend (3rd to 5th). While I’m not overly fond of the whole thing, I am overruled by my girlfriend in this and will probably “have to” attend it. But it’s quite fun seeing how hundreds of chocolate-lovers fill their pits until they can hardly move/breathe/laugh anymore… And it always looks like it’S worth it to them.

This sunday I’ll have the pleasure to continue my first space-adventure in Shadowrun ever. I’ll think back to my old Star-wars group now and admit, I miss so many things from back then. I think never have player’s actions been harder to predict than back then, and besides all that implicates, it was a positive thing back then. With the old group of Starwars, we starting during a camping week in school and continued regularly on the weekends. The players were highly inexperienced but giving a lot of creative potential – and hardly ever with the need for rules to handle it – I remember Irene’s ewok giving us regular paroxysms of laughter… But I will try to remember what the adventures were like back then and will take as much as I can into it for the future.

And I promise, I will try to keep up with a few blog-posts regularly now – and will find the time to comment on all your postings I read lately.