Barcelona 2022 – Sisè dia

So, our seventh day already – but the second one for escape games and intense sightseeing. This morning we take a bit slower and arrive around 1100 with the bus for a fruity, intense and colorful brunch at Zenith. Our Highlight? The sangria. Our learning? Wow – how busy can a breakfast-location be, we should reserve a table if we are not too early (as we were). Definitely worth to give it a visit.

After a stroll in the area we look at the Casa Mila, locally better known as La pedrera. Another famous and enjoyable piece of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. Wow, this city really changes how I perceive buildings and architecture and it lectures me on the organic shapes and copies a lot from nature. Another favorite and must-see.

Close to our first ‘home’ we manage at Colleblanc market to grab a Nistera fruit and enjoy it before we get Kidnapped in BCN. The two made us laugh and scream at a really immersive game – again I will not spoiler, but this is what the title promises and a great experience with a lot of fun. As I tend to have a quite intense aversion against guns, I have to jump over my shadow a few times, but the game delivers.

Next we see Mr Garcia again, the tunnels is the second prison experience we share and again it rocks our socks off. In comparison to the first, we are a bit less challenged on the riddles but the game feels equally satisfying. Deep immersive action with a few very smart links in between and an end to behold. On the game we see Manuel (Mr. Garcia) on his almost last working day and have a blast, laughing and enjoying with the team of actors.

After the games, we use the excellent weather to take a ride towards the beach, for a quick tip into the water and spend the evening strolling around, the dinner was not really worth mentioning, but the company was great so I’ll skip only the details on the location. After all, another great day in Barcelona.

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