Barcelona 2022 – cinquè dia

Our fifth day in Barcelona starts with a good breakfast at Latocafe. Their El Nino Toast in combination with Mimosas ensures smiles, I have to admit the quality of the food was excellent, but they should reconsider “unlimited” Mimosas, while two of us picked right that deal, they were not only slow but also surprised on Austrian breakfast drinkers it seemed. Nevertheless the food was nothing short of splendid and spoiled us for the day.

Finally our first escape room experience, and we start at the cerveceria, unlocking a few secrets to brew a famous, forgotten beer. Well I will not spoil any of the adventures, but this one is definitely my second favorite room for Barcelona. Team-work intense, extremely story driven and so freaking authentic!

The second room of the day takes us to Mr Garcia. Prison guard Garcia, who delivers with his colleagues our first prison break of Barcelona with more to come.

Before the evening we marvel Sagrada Familia with a guided tour and are astonished by many facts and lovely light in the basilica. So my architectural interest has to meet something like Sagrada to think: wow, how inspired can an architect be? How incredible inspiring can a builing be? And how many stories are hidding in this, when our guide already talks 90min and is seemingly capable of delivering another two hours without stopping. This building is the must-see location in BCN and we will definitely come back to see it finished, hopefully in 2026 for Gaudi’s 100th death anniversary.

Dinner time, Restaurant F. I. S. H. fresh Italian sea harvest. And it delivered to the name, we enjoyed a bit of local white wine with tasty tuna, salmon, octopus, sea bass and enjoy a really good time with goods that tasted simply great. A good location to recommend for a nice evening. Crew, food – everything top.

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