Google’s Machinae

Besides a lot of rpg postings lately, the world hasn’t stopped rotating, hasn’t stopped moving onwards and it’s already end of January, 2009 again. Hell, time if flying by it seems. A lot of things change and not always for the better, that’s true for so many things and usually you at least have the […]

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Sacred 2 released

Interesting thing, while I’ve had a hard time find an equal after Diablo (one, and only the first episode!) when it comes to action rpg’s, I’ve playtested Sacred 2 in the night from 2nd to 3rd of October, you can fetch a 1.7GB Demo with the Seraphim and I have to say, I enjoyed it […]

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A word on games and microsoft

Or maybe a few… After all I have to start with my position. I’m a regular computer gamer, mostly a fan of ego-shooters, tend to try strategy games and roleplaying games every now and then and spend a bit of my spare-time with these various games… I am playing solely on my pc (I got […]

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Dawn of Fear

Das kommt davon wenn man ein paar Kategorien zusammenlegt… Also primär war mir ja aufgefallen, dass meine Post-faulheit die letzten Tage zugeschlagen hat – jetzt ist es nicht unbedingt so, dass ich gar keine Zeit haben würde. Eigentlich war’s auch dieses Wochenende wiedermal eher gegenteilig. Nachdem am Freitag eine gemütliche Rollenspielrunde zu Ende ging, haben […]

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