Day #1 planning

Ok today we’ve got to bring a party of 2 human, 2-3 dwarves (depending on whether Roman participates today) and 2 elves* together. All “groups” have their targets for the mission and at least some have to take a point in diplomacy when it’s about working together against the greater evil. (That’s one of the main pro’s in Midnight – there is a greater evil and it’s particularly obvious so no one can close his eyes before it).

We’ll have a ritual for the human and elven part in the beginning to transfer them thousands of miles towards the closer vincinity of Calador, where they will be expected by some guards at a “holy” spirit site. They will be taken to the King of Calador and introduced to their “escort”, the old dwarf offers a helping hand for a suicidial mission and has selected three of his mighties warriors as a sign of appreciation and trust towards (especially) the elves.

Then the dwarven scout will lead them through the safe parts of the tunnels until a place when he knows there will be a lot of new traps. This will be one of the first challenges. Undead monsters (the FELL of Midnight is a very nasty thing) and traps are their first have-to-avoid-or-go-throughs. Once through they will hopefully already be with their pirate-bride (*smile*) and should take an ice-glider through the icy-colds of the Kaladrun mountains towards the east.

They should hide the glider and approach towards the blood mirror. I think that’s as far as we will get on day one.

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