Pentecost adventure

Pentecost? I mean, is this correct? I never tried to translate holidays into english so far and I have definitely never heard of this term. Nevermind…

Tomorrow it’s finally starting – a new episode of “specials”. It’s been a while since the last Dungeons & Dragons special, and so far I mostly have negative memories of its predecessors… Still I’ve once again worked on a short 3-day trip, this time into a world that’s very much borrowing from Fantasy Flight Games’ excellent work “Midnight” (second edition).

As dungeon master it seems I’ve found the perfect opposite of my player’s side. I tend to play heroes and like doing so as a player. As dungeon master, I have a knack for mysterious, dark music, candles and (not always) subtle horror. I love settings of despair, probably because these settings tend to spawn heroes. I’ll try to report here as I’ve done before, what was planned, what happened and what went wrong. We’ll see if I still manage to give my players a good time, please keep your fingers crossed, after all – that’s what it’s about!

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