Tai Chi (Masters)

Finally a new film – I mean an old film but a new one for me to report on…

Lately I had the possibility to watch Tai Chi Masters (in German this film is just called Tai Chi). And I really enjoyed it. The plot is quite straight-forward – of two kids in the shaolin monastery – Jun Bao (Jet Li) is a bit more advanced in mental ways, while Chin Bo (Siu-hou Chin) is a bit farther in martial ways. The film pictures (in a very positive way) the confrotation of rage and striving to achieve victory at all costs and wages it against calmness and a more taoistic approach. Of course the later one is more effective after a time. While one might work hard on himself – ignoring all things (and friends) around him
costs dearly in the end.

As usual I’m working hard on not spoiling the film – therefore only a few words on it.

The martial arts choreography is party very good and on the other hand quite funny. It’s a typical eastern style fighting with a few very efficient manoevers but a lot of comical style moves. The overall performance of the actors is not outstanding but gives a good evening of entertainment.

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