The Realms vs. Ptolus

It is not a real frustration – but recent events making things easier for me to shift my plans from Faerun to Ptolus. I’ve written two short (though german) reviews of Ptolus mid last year. But I never made it real to transfer to campaign to this world.
Why? Well, I’ve stuck with Forgotten Realms for (seems to me) endless years. I still know about Myrkul, remember the realms for the Beholders and Dragons in it. I remember Mist from the Curse of the Azure Bonds as well as the bladeback paladin and Alias. It was back then when I fell in love with this world – part of them were -my- realms.
I remember reading Ed Greenwood’s Elminster x-o-logie, I enjoyed Troy Dening as well as Elaine Cunningham in those realms – I instantly enjoyed so many novels, sourcebooks and more. Last but not least I was riding on the shadows with Paul S. Kemp’s Erevis Cale – and ended up against Shadovar, the Sojourner, several Creatures of Chaos and Evil – and it felt so thrilling – so pure – so fantasy – just fantastic.

Well, things will change. I finished screening the Great History of the Realms. [Spoiler ahead] and things are going to change.
No honestly I don’t care whether Mystra dies again, I have to admit the idea of two gods ruling over the portfolio of magic never was my idea of a great system and with Mystra dead and Shar bereft of her shadowweave things will probably turn a better way.
On the other hand, Helm slain by Tyr over a very “human” dispute, misunderstanding or simply “Tymora” – seems to me very far from a good idea.
Furthermore the cleanup of the Realms just feels wrong. There are that many changes – in so little time. You probably remember 2nd Edition settings when they started with (as stated earlier) special events – Time of Troubles – it was great back then.
But again?
I mean why in the hells are things happen now in a span of a dozen years – again and again and again?
Instead of focussing on the things at hand – fleshing out the political disputes, intrigues and stuff – everything is changed by a “higher force” – something intangible – something that just doesn’t feel right to me and reading the gleemax boards ( – at least several others feel very much the same here.

Instead of continuing the ranting and complaining. I’ll pick the better of it for me. I’ll try to convert to Monte Cook’s Ptolus setting now. Well, not instantly as I’m a “mere” player at the moment. But looking forward to the days of my dungeonmaster(y) *evil grin*… I will be searching for a nice way to switch from Faerun/Toril to the Ptolus setting. Maybe I’ll pick and find a way using Sigil/Planescape to transfer the group here.
But honestly I would love to find some suggestions. Something to ensure the captivation of the players. Something to make this transfer right. It will take us to one of the most creative worlds I’ve read in a long while. It’s a great place but I’ll have to make sure all enjoy it – and doing this will only work if the transfer works.
So that’s my current challenge. Dear readers. (I know there might be at least a few of your here). If you feel like you’ve an idea and can help – I would dearly appreciate your input on this.

Our current status quo is to incorporate Ptolus into the Realms. Well – it might not be the best idea, since a lot of flavour will get lost, on the other hand it seems like a good middle-way. But we’ve still some time until we decide which path we take. I’m very thankful for every idea and opinion.

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