And so the story began…

Friday was a special day – it all started with a communicative afternoon and turned into a fun(ny) night. Funny in the meaning of – (en)joyful and under the very words of “The lamb is heaven! The milk is the path!”
Before you regard me as a lunatic madman and stop to read the following lines. Let me explain – friday was great for we started with a new campaign in Faerun. As I reported earlier (in german language though) we gave a little “gift” (usually this should be normal but time has shown again and again it is not…) to our dungeon master – a rather extensive background with existing links of the characters to have a good starting ground without the usual lack of trust and strange pathways everyone would rather walk than – working together.
All started with the ending of our background story, we returned from the destruction of a legendary artifact in the shape of a drinking-horn. After several days of marching in quite bad weather, without great food this turned out to be a real heaven. The tavern inmidst between Candlekeep and Baldur’s Gate showed great hospitality and we left more gold there than dozens of citizens earn in a year there. Nevertheless it was worth it, and we discovered our path to the next adventure. Whilst we gathered the information, Duke Eltan of Baldur’s Gate was strangely sick, we already decided to go there – fix the wrong and help where we’re needed.
But the mere path should turn out to be a challenge. In a satellite-village we stumbled upon a story that the villager captured two were-wolves who slaughtered at least one of the inhabitants and tried to hurt an other one… This story of course made us listen and we wanted to have a closer look on those two. It turned out to be very unlikely that the accused girl-mage and the shy, frustrated friend of her were really murderers.
So we pulled the strings together, I won’t list every detail on this here for now unless specially asked for, and found out that two friends were the real criminals and while we started a lot of trouble there ourselves we won the captain of the beadle for us and ended with all four accused at the Helm Temple in Baldur’s Gate, where we found out that those servants of a watchful eye are not as even close to their reputation of their god and more like the blind Tyr’s. He admitted to have not interest in what is wrong and what is right – but adheres strictly to the word of the law – blind – as I said before…

Well conclusion was it was a very nice start into the game, showed us the not mere black/white realms of Tom for once again in a closer view. I honestly can hardly wait where the adventure takes us and hope we really come even so far to get a bit of information on the illness of the duke. So far I still do doubt that this will turn out to be our real adventure – though I sure hope we will find something on our way.

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