Quick Themechange

it’s been a while since i have given the blog some update on the style and it was really about time for a change, so far I’ve to admit I’m just testing a different contrast and therefore have installed a prepared theme, I’m pretty sure that the theme will change 1-2 times in the next week until I find a suitable one. sorry for any reading-inconvenience caused.

epic preparation – p4 – Interweaving

Background interweaving

So you’ve got your world up and ready, now we get back to a bit character work, by now you should know your characters pretty well and probably they know each other well, too. It’s your part that you enhance your player’s work by adding additional contacts and build a network with good and evil guys. Just get a few names for now, we’ll fletch out the np-characters on one of the coming days.

Basic Contactgrid Example

This is a very short example of what I mean you should do now. Don’t forget we’re talking about Continue reading epic preparation – p4 – Interweaving