Bonsai Aquarium

Finally a new motivation for us (not primarily from my side) – since we have too few things to do and lack ideas ;).

Ok enough sarcasm, we saw a very interesting book today – Bonsai Aquarium (Bede Verlag) which motivated Klaudia to take a look into it and buy it. It gives a good overview how-to build a bonsai aquarium, which is a mix between underwater plants, overwater plants (both bonsai style) and a few fishes. So you create a more-or-less natural habitat of interesting fauna and flora. For all of you who might be interested – a very good (though german) advisor on this topic can be found here. It could be a tough challenge to build this system, since it does differ a lot from a regular aquarium.

The book was so far very interesting and it takes especially care to give an overview of what is possible (easily) – since not everything is available in Europa. This form has a better availabilty in the Asian markets. Countless color-pictures tend to give you this “I want this” feeling.

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