The second part of six is done. Honestly I start to understand why I was not overly fond of the first part… Thomas M. Reid did a good job on the second one – this one is about the journey of a handful Menzoberranzanyr to Ched Nasad to find out what happened to Llolth, did […]

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So I started with the War of the Spiderqueen Trilogy… I have to admit – it is not the book of choice – it is more like a few puzzle-pieces I would like to know the get the whole picture. But it did start quite nice… I’ve not been that much of a drow-friend/-fan lately, […]

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Shadowbred and Shadowstorm

First and foremost: Happy new year – have a good start into 2008 and may you be more healthy than I currently am ;). Besides health I had a very good start into this year, having found my apetite for books again and very recently finished with the two available books of Paul S. Kemp’s […]

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Bonsai Aquarium

Finally a new motivation for us (not primarily from my side) – since we have too few things to do and lack ideas ;). Ok enough sarcasm, we saw a very interesting book today – Bonsai Aquarium (Bede Verlag) which motivated Klaudia to take a look into it and buy it. It gives a good […]

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