Platterwatch and Roleplaying

Hello fellows,
it’s sad – honestly – the change from 2007 to 1984 has made me think about all of the security and surveillance issues time and again. It’s really sad where some of us are going. Maybe this is not of your concern yet – but I bet it will be in the future if no one cares in time…
So I openly and warmly greet the affords of the “Grüne” party in Austria who started to watch the watcher… – maybe you’ve always been wondering what this is about – go and check it out – it’s worth the smile and seems like Mr. Everythinghastobewatched doesn’t like this measure taken on his own. As a first response his meetings are announced only 1 day ahead of time instead of the older weeks-before schedules. (I’m sure this is only a coincidence…) *smile*
Ok but that’s something everyone should consider – do you really want to accept new regulations and laws without a single thought on your future? I don’t like it that way. I hope many of your agree and take action.

Now to nicer things…. As mentioned before I found back to my old roleplaying habit. I haven’t had the time to actively participate in our round again, might be that we didn’t have a game yet – but I’m sure Thomas will soon start his new d&d round and I’ll gladly be a part of it. I’ve been reading quite a lot lately and maybe it was Paul’s inspired writing of Erevis Cale in Shadowbred and Shadowstorm that finally lit the spark again. So I’ve furthermore been working on a new concept of a halfling. I think it’s been a time ago since i last enjoyed playing one of the small folk… I’ve played so many characters over the years but only few really gave me something to remember.
One was the Waukeen-Priest & Mage Maíre, another one was the frostelven mage Yiel with his sister Vadania… I seem to have a lot of fun playing characters that dabble in the art (ok, honestly I love playing wizards) – I just love the concept of magic and I have a knack for playing characters that are more than just a character sheet. So my latest creation is Tolmetak, the halfling daggerspell mage.
The story is quite easy but I’ll only give you the outline, since I think some of the readers here might be part of the campaign and I am not going to spoil all the fun. Tolmetak is from a city of dwarves, human and halfings and since he was always enjoying live on the streets he had to live from the very same. So he got used to steal for a living. Stealing from an older dwarven illusionist was probably not the best idea and instead of going to jail he commited himself to servitude. It was a real option over loosing a hand, which probably had happened in accord with the law in the city… So after all he got stuck with the older dwarven wizard for servitude, washing, cooking, cleaning – and from time to time he found himself sitting at the books of his master – reading – for long hours…
Well, I figured I liked this story quite a lot, it might be no reinvention of the wheel, but it’s a good start for me.

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