Quick Gaming Update

After a nice Shadowrun Session this weekend was not very gaming heavy for me, luckily there were a few updates on other sites.

E from Geeksdreamgirl has put up a nice interview with Phil the ChattyDM over here

Looks like all the guys from over-the-great-sea are caught by the GenCon hype. I have to admit, I’m not so sure if I would really enjoy a convention like that, it’s probably something every rpg gamer should dream of, and probably it’s worth attending – but the fascination has (luckily) not caught me – yet.

Speaking of GenCon, I totally missed that the company behind GenCon was months ago issuing a Chapter 11, Title 11 (bankrupcy) which was reported by livingdice and purplepawn back then. I think that is what I really like about the internet even if you missed the “headlines” one day, you can catch up easily months later.

A lot of articles are coming up on the recent Gleemax failure and I start wondering if the new initiative of rpg-bloggers will be similiar to a social network and (hopefully) more successful. I’m currently thinking about joining the network – actually it will hardly do any harm and I’m definitely in for a few good reads.

4 thoughts on “Quick Gaming Update

  1. Great idea actually I always wanted to go to Finland and I happen to know a few people living there… But it’s still quite a trip from here (Austria).

  2. I’ll most certainly do so.
    You don’t happen to know a gaming group who’s playing in english there, do you? I think -that- would be an unforgettable vacation trip ;-).
    Sounds very tempting – long weekend stay from friday-sunday with two days of roleplaying ;).

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